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Software for operators of large networks


A transport hub for SNMP traps. For when high-volume trap traffic needs to be filtered and routed to SNMP managers. Correlate, threshold, enrich, filter and translate traps before routing (trap-forwarding). Search logs and replay traps. More...


An access hub for real-time data (logs, alarms, sessions). Data is logged and streamed to listeners, such as management systems. Underlying protocols are normalized to plain sockets, reducing listener integration costs. Multiple listeners can access the same data simultaneously. More...


A manager-of-managers NMS to analyze event streams, generate alerts, and notify personnel — deployed by telecoms across the U.S. and internationally. After 15 years and four major versions, it is undergoing an overhaul that will not be backward-compatible. So at this time, Augur 4 is no longer offered to new customers. (For a glimpse of a future 5th-generation Augur, explore TrapStation, which is built on our new platform.)

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